Friday, February 2, 2018

Gaslighting on the Etsy Fourms

Gaslighting on the Etsy forums has gone beyond anything I have ever seen in the last year. It is rampant.

Last year it was the slow sales/views threads. If you didn't agree with everything the core group said; you were targeted. They even had their own Facebook group to talk about how to get back at people that posted different views from their own. They even talked about buying a low cost item from sellers that disagreed so that they could leave bad feedback. This is going way too far. Myself and another seller outed them once we saw their nasty Facebook group. Several were banned from the Etsy forums. Thank goodness

But now it starts again. Because I dared to disagree with an article on SEO someone posted. The article is fine but it has nothing to do with product listings. Its SEO for online content writers. Whis IN MY OPINION is not the same as writing a product listing. I was an online content writer for Yahoo for years. I know the difference. 

I feel bad that so many are taking that article to heart and re doing their shops. It probably won't  hurt, but it won't help either. So that is a huge amount of wasted time for them. 

First I was told to stop posting and go make my own thread. I hate when people say this. A forum by its nature is for an exchange of ideas. If you don't want other people to post; don't start a thread. 

Then my words are twisted over and over to mean something totally opposite of what I meant. It goes on and on. The only thing to do is disengage. Which I have promised myself I will. 

I honestly don't know how so many supposedly expert sellers have time to post huge lengthy posts all day long. I have business's to run. I can't be writing posts that look like books all day on Etsy. It makes you wonder how busy are they really? 

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