Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Etsy Black History Month Blog Post

Just when I think the Etsy forums have hit an all time low; someone posts about Etsy showcasing Black shop owners for Black History Month. Which is great. Its the replies that are so disheartening. Racism is alive and well in the Etsy forums!

I guess I am way too naive as I really didn't think there were so many racist entitled people selling on Etsy. Many of these posters are ones I have really liked over the years.

We all know (and have complained) that the majority of showcased sellers are young pretty white women. So why would anyone begrudge them showcasing black sellers? Especially during Black History Month. That is crazy to me. Etsy has done certain groups before (couples etc) and no one complained about that.

I read one of the most offensive posts this morning. A post joked about wearing black face to get showcased. Or is she tan enough? How could she not know how offensive that is? And why doesn't Etsy delete that? I have had way more mild posts than that deleted.

The whole thread makes me both sad and angry. Sad that people still think this way and angry that more are not standing up and saying those posts are wrong.

I call it thinly veiled racism. 

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