Saturday, January 13, 2018

Selling Crafts on Amazon Handmade

I have been pleasantly surprised at how many sales I get on Amazon Handmade. But the more I thought about it; I really shouldn't be surprised. I think the biggest reason why I sell so much on Amazon Handmade is the lack of competition. Amazon Handmade is not flooded with crochet items like Etsy is. Or most craft handmade items. Not yet anyway.

I have read people post that AH just want cheap items that ship quickly. In my opinion that is not true at all. My most expensive items sell there with no problem. One of them is my crochet doily rugs that sell for 85-100.00 each. Just sold another one a couple days ago.

I will agree that Amazon customers want their items quickly. Its just what they are used to. I pretty much only list items that are made and ready to ship. The only items I don't do this on are my pink pussy hats as I can make them so quickly. I did have a stockpile of them but they have sold out

Amazon handmade search is so much easier to list for. AH has online webinars all the time where they will tell you how to list your items to get seen in search. There is no big mystery like there is at Etsy. Amazon pretty much goes by Google Shopping rules. No keyword stuffing in titles, only the description in the description area etc.

Do keep in mind that the customers are the number one importance on Amazon (as it should be) So do check your messages daily. I see many on AH Facebook groups that don't realize you have to answer messages within 24 hours of getting them. There are no days off when selling on Amazon Handmade. But its well worth it!

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