Monday, January 22, 2018

Never Buy Google Ads for Your Etsy Shop

I see many people buying Google ads for their Etsy store. In my opinion this is a huge mistake and waste of money.

First, Etsy gives us all Google ads for free, so why on earth would you pay for them? Second, Etsy shows every visitor your competition. So you are paying for ads that will also show your competitors items to your buyer. To me that is not money well spent.

If you are going to buy Google ads only buy them for your own website or blog. Never to direct to a venue like Etsy or Ebay.

Google ads can be effective but they don't come cheap. And there is a huge learning curve to using them. Its foolish to throw that money at a venue like Etsy.

As I have said for years; to get seen on Etsy just use good SEO. Specfically SEO geared to Google shopping. That way you can never go wrong .

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