Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Newest Online Business Damn Good Popcorn

I have always dreamed of owning a gourmet popcorn store and last July I finally made that dream a reality and opened Damn Good Popcorn! Its been a ton of hard work but so much fun too. 

We sell online at Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and my own website Our retail store is located at 39 S Park Pl on the beautiful downtown Newark Ohio square. My son Kyle Baxter is my partner in crime and is the popcorn Chef and manager. I take care of all the online stores and online sales. A customer said to me the other day how unusual it is to see a mother and son business. I never thought of it that way but shes right! 

I have been surprised (and blessed) that our popcorn is selling so well online already. We have almost 200 sales on Etsy (since July) and sales on Ebay are doing well too. But the biggest boon for sure has been Amazon. It wasn't easy to get approved to sell food on Amazon (and I will be making a post about that) but I am stubborn and stuck with it and got it done. 

Our most popular flavor by far on Amazon is Dill Pickle Pocorn. Which I find so funny as when I first made it my husband said no one would ever buy it. He is eating his words now!! 

I used the same SEO methods I have used on all my online business's. Go by Google Shopping rules for listings and you can never go wrong! 

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