Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Getting Pinterest Followers: Beware of Black Hat SEO for Pinterest Instagram Etc

Yesterday on the Etsy forums there was a post with a link on how to get more followers to your Pinterest page.

I skimmed though the post really quickly but didn't click the link. I could tell from some of the comments that the advice might not be good. So I went back and clicked it. I had to giggle as the person giving the advice was "Lazy Ass Stoner" One glance and I could tell hes one of those spam marketing guys.

So I watched the video. Much of what he says is just common sense. If you want people to follow you; you have to follow them. If you want people to pin your items, you need to pin some of theirs. This isn't rocket science. The same thing is true for Facebook and Instagram.

Now to the bad part of his advice. He recommends following 300 people per day. This is bad. His video says you can do 300 without getting in trouble for spamming on Pinterest. Always a bad sign. Many posters said they were cut off by Pinterest at 200. What does that tell you? This guys advice is a mild form of Black Hat SEO. I have said a hundred times don't use black hat seo. Its never good for long term. Organic followers are always better than manipulated followers. This is why Pinterest has the rules they have. It would never be worth it to me to risk losing my Pinterest account to spam a bunch of people. Because at the end of the day its spam.

I found it interesting that one Etsy posted said you cannot be kicked off Pinterest. But you can. They do have rules about spam. Here is a link to Pinterest rules https://about.pinterest.com/en/acceptable-use-policy. I get so much traffic and sales from Pinterest no way would I risk my account taking advice from Lazy Ass Stoner. And as I pointed out on Etsy; he is new to Pinterest. He only had 500 followers himself. Is that really who you want to take advice from? Where he is really making his money is getting people to click on his videos on Youtube.

Beware of who you take advice from!


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