Monday, April 20, 2015

Bernat Blanket Yarn Discontinued Holiday Colors Cranberry, Caramel and More

Bernat has officially discontinued all of the Bernat Blanket Holiday yarn colors like Cranberry, Christmas Swirl, Toffee Etc. If you need either of these colors they are available on my website and Etsy shop.

I do have quite a bit of Bernat Blanket yarn in Cranberry left but its is going fast. I also have Caramel left.

I do think when the new colors come out in May that Cranberry is coming back in large skeins. But I can't promise that.

Also I get a lot of questions about new Bernat Blanket yarn colors that show up at Joann Fabric store and then disappear. Joann's is a test store for Bernat yarns. They test all new colors at Joann's Fabric store. Then you will see them disappear until (usually) fall. That is when they decide which ones sold well and will be brought back as the new fall colors.

Chicks and Bunnies is one of the new colors showing up at Joann's and its beautiful. I really wish we could have access to these colors. I have begged Bernat to make us the online test store but so far no luck.

In closing, my best advice is to buy enough to complete your project when you see these new colors at Joann's. Because they may or may not be back again. I get a lot of emails from frustrated customers looking for the new colors because they can't finish a project. Its always better to have a little too much yarn than not enough. 

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  1. Hi Kay, I'm trying to find 2 skeins of Bernat blanket yarn in caramel. Do you have any? Thanks!


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