Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Holiday Craft Sales on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon in Review

I have to say 2014 was one of the strangest holiday selling seasons I have ever been through. I attribute most of the oddness to all the changes and glitches that were made on all 3 websites starting in Aug 2014.

This is when Google updated, Etsy made changes, Ebay was having glitches and fighting with Google and Amazon kept going down. Then we had the Ebola scare and ISIS.

Normally we have a great amount of sales from Labor day through Christmas. Last year didn't follow that path at all. Sept was great followed by one of the slowest Octobers we have ever had. Then it finally started picking up in mid November. But good sales didn't really start until after Thanksgiving.

Thankfully we still ended up doing more than the year before but we did miss our goal.

The good news is 2015 is going like gangbusters. Yeah that.

I guess the take away is that you just cannot control what outside influences can do to your sales. You just have to keep going forward and do the best you can to promote yourself.

Wishing you all tons of sales in 2015

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