Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sales Down on All Three Major Online Venues Etsy Ebay Amazon

So its been one of the strangest Octobers for online sales that I have ever seen. Normally our sales start to soar from Labor Day weekend through April. September started off great; then started dropping. October came and started to pick up and then dropped. Strangest thing I have ever seen.

Its not just me as all of the forums are full of established sellers seeing the same thing I am. I have to say I have never seen "slow sales" threads on all of the major sites at the same time.

For Ebay the theory is that all the site crashes, hacks and glitches cost them customers. For Etsy the theory is that the home page change, shipping changes, search screw ups etc are causing the slow down. On Amazon the theory is all the recent site updates threw off sales. And yes Amazon has had many site glitches lately just like Ebay.

I posted a thread on the Amazon forums wondering if this slow down was due to the Ebola and ISIS scares. Many made fun of my post; but it is a real issue. Many sales reports are blaming the slow down on exactly what I posted; Ebola and ISIS.

Of course the Ebola crisis will benefit some sellers (those that sell safety equipment etc) but for most of us; scared consumers do not spend money. Many are scared we will be in a ground war soon fighting ISIS.

My hope is that the hysteria will end soon and sales will go back up. I am very thankful that I sell on all three. Its probably the only thing saving my business right now. Like most online sellers I have a huge inventory for the holidays. So I am sitting on a ton of inventory that is not moving as fast as anticipated.

Also thank goodness for Amazon. Even though sales have slowed a bit there the last 2 weeks they are still much higher than any other venue we sell on.

Wishing you all tons of holiday sales!!

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