Friday, October 24, 2014

Do Not Sign Up for Ebay Webinterpret! Huge Mistake

I have been busy so forgot to post an update for Ebay Webinterpret. In my opinion Webinterpret is nothing but a huge scam. Its a long story but this many months later I am still dealing with the fall out from signing up for this program. In my opinion no one should ever sign up for this. I only had it for about 2.5 weeks and it wrecked havoc with everything. I will list the issues.

They don't tell you that your Ebay bill is going to be 10 times the normal bill for all those international listings. When I had Ebay helping me get out of this mess; they said those are not even the correct listing prices charged by Ebay. Most of my listings through Webinterpret were 1.50 and up PER LISTING.

You will start getting tons of Ebay messages because the international shipping cost won't show up. Instead it will say "ask seller for shipping costs" I emailed support numerous times and was told it was a bug and they couldn't fix it. 

Their "translated" listings are not translated correctly. My Ebay customer service rep knows several languages and he said the listings did not make sense and were not translated correctly. So I put a couple through Google Translator and he was right. Many of the listings were just gibberish.

They put the wrong pictures with the wrong listings. This cost me as I had to reship 4 orders that had the wrong picture with the wrong listing.

I was told (and so were many others) that the guy helping me set up Webinterpret was employed by Ebay. That was a lie. I was also told they are an approved Ebay partner. Another lie.

It took me 2 hours on the phone with Ebay customer service to get them off my account and try to delete all the listings. I am still finding their listings and deleting them. Somehow they keep popping back up which is making me crazy.

I am so sorry I ever heard of them. A tip Ebay gave me (which I never have read) is that if a company calls you and says they are with or employed by Ebay, ask them for the phone message number. Then go into your Ebay account and see if there is a message number stored. If there isn't; they are not with or affoliated with Ebay.

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