Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Kay's Flannel Crochet Edge Rotary Blade in Stock!

woohoo we finally have our crochet edge blade for Flannel in stock and ready to ship! This blade is great for thinner materials like flannel, t-shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. My flannel crochet edge blade makes the cuts a bit closer together than the fleece blade.To purchase my blades please see my website or Etsy store.

Here is an adorable flannel baby receiving blanket I am working on. I used crochet thread on this one instead of yarn to see how it would look. It gives it a pretty lacier look than yarn so I am really happy with it!


  1. It has never entered my head before, how would someone crochet an edge on a woven fabric? This is great! I have learnt something else today.

    1. Thanks Rachael! These blankets are so fun to make!


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