Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yahoo Associated Content Closing

I knew it was coming and its finally here. Yahoo Associated Content is closing to freelance content writers. If you have been a writer there be sure to get your content off by July 31 2014. As you guys can see I have posted some of mine here on my blog. I tried to copy and delete as many of mine as I could. Honestly its something I should have done long ago but at least this forced me to do it.

But I guess if you got an upfront payment you cannot delete the article. Which kinda makes sense but still pisses me off. I wonder what will happen with those articles? And I wonder how big of a hit Yahoo search will take when all those links are no longer viable? I feel really bad for the writers that depended on Yahoo AC for their living wages. I could see when Demand Studios got rid of so many of their writers that Yahoo AC wouldn't last much longer.

Maybe it has to do with the Alibaba deal? Who knows.

Another free lance writing era comes to an end.

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