Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finally Did It! Fulfilled by Amazon and How I Did It

I have neglected my blog again. But I had some special projects I have been working on that took all my focus. The first is finally figuring out how to ship to Amazon to do FBA aka Fulfilled by Amazon. The learning curve is big but I finally figured it out and shipped our first lot of parachute cord mini jigs to the Amazon warehouses. I still have a ton to learn but I am getting there!

Amazon had been begging for us to do FBA on several of our min jigs and kits so I started with just the mini jig. I clicked the "change to fulfilled by Amazon" and followed the steps. First you have to tell them how many you are shipping. Our shipment was 75. In hindsight that wasn't nearly enough but hey its my first time.

Once you put that figure in Amazon calculates which warehouses they want them in and how many to send to each warehouse. Then you print your packing slips for each box.

Then you get to the sticker page. Amazon even tells you what label stickers to buy. I went with the Avery 30 up labels. Worked perfectly. Put the stickers on each of your items and pack in boxes. Then you pay for and download the UPS labels. Bonus is you get Amazons UPS rate.

Then you drop your stuff off at UPS and wait for Amazon to receive them in. I will say ours went pretty fast. From the time we shipped until they received them in and started selling was about 7 days.

Previously our sales had really slowed down in May but doing FBA really got us a bunch of new sales. Now I am wishing I had done it sooner. Its really not bad once you follow all the steps and ship your first batch. I am getting ready today to ship another 130 to them. My 75 units started selling May 21st and today the 75 are almost gone. I love love love not having to ship these and just letting Amazon handle it. This has really freed up a lot of my time to concentrate on other things.

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