Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Best Marketing Websites for Etsy & Ebay Craft Sales

There is a lot of talk about online marketing and usually people jump to Facebook or Twitter first.

I am going to list my best sites to market on in order of effectiveness

My Blog
Other peoples blogs

No doubt about it Pinterest drives more traffic than any other marketing I do. And I love that it is so easy. Not at all time consuming. Just Pin it and forget it. Love. Keep in mind pictures are everything on Pinterest. Great pictures get great results.

Even though this blog does not get a lot of comments it drives a lot of traffic. If you have read my old posts on using SEO in your blog this is why it drives so much traffic. And see that little Etsy mini on the right? Invaluable.

I have been lucky enough to have many people write about products I sell on their blogs. These are huge sources of sales and traffic.One wonderful woman in Sweden wrote about my light up crochet hooks about 8 months ago and I am still getting hits/sales from that post. Another time someone wrote about them on Buzzfeed and I am still getting sales from that.

Facebook used to be my top source of marketing until the dreaded changes. Now you have to pay to get your posts seen. I have tried paying and did not get any good results. I have 1400 followers on my Facebook page yet only about 200 see my posts. But one thing that is good is that people can now use Facebook to search. So I do get some hits from people searching Facebook and seeing my Etsy links to products.

I have found lately I get better results posting on my personal FB page. But I do it very sparingly. And unlike most people I have 2800 "friends" 

Twitter. Ughh. I will be honest and say I don't like Twitter. To me Twitter is a huge time suck with little benefit but I do know others that say it drives traffic. My issue with Twitter is all the people constantly spam each other. I hate to say it but Crochet people are huge offenders. Some of the ones I have followed Twitter an ad every couple hours all day long. Yuck.

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