Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ebay Spring Seller Update 2014 What Do You All Think?

The long awaited Ebay Spring Seller Update 2014 is finally out. Judging from the Ebay for Business Facebook page sellers are not real happy with it. But in general no one likes change so that is a bit of a given.

The plus is that dings on shipping charges and communication will no longer count against us. In my opinion shipping charges should have never counted as the buyer always knows the shipping price before they commit to buy. The biggest offenders of this are international buyers. So that is a good thing.

Now for the bad. All open cases will now count against sellers. So someone asked on the Facebook page "what about customers that open cases on accident or open one to ask a question?" The answer was now the seller will have to escalate the case to get it closed in the sellers favor so that it doesn't count against them. Ugh another time suck for sellers. All cancelled cases will also count against us unless the buyer asked to cancel.

They are now going to call it the sellers "defect rate". Sounds awful similar to Amazon doesn't it? To keep your Top Rated Seller status your defect rate has to be 2 percent or less. To sell on Ebay at all it has to be 5 percent or less. Which is honestly fairly generous and better than Amazons 1 percent.

And in keeping with trying to compete with Amazon all Top rated sellers must now let buyers return anything bought from Nov 1st to Dec 31st until Jan 31st. AKA Holiday returns. Thats not a big deal for me as I get very few returns. But people on Ebay are pretty mad about it. Especially clothing sellers. I already changed my listings to 30 day return as I know this is where Ebay is headed.

I kinda get why Ebay did this. They have to be able to compete with Amazon and they know this is the way to do it. At least Detailed Seller Ratings or DSR's will not be a huge deal now. And now 1 mad customer cannot make you lose your Top Rated Seller status.

I think once the initial shock wears off Ebay sellers will calm down and not be so mad about it. As humans we just don't like change

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