Thursday, February 27, 2014

Selling Crafts on Amazon 2014 Update

I have to say one of the best decisions I made in 2013 was to start selling on Amazon! Yesterday I was reading in the Etsy forums once again that handmade crafts don't sell on Ebay or especially Amazon. Let me say again that this is false.

We are now selling more of our handmade parachute cord mini jigs on Amazon than any other venue. We are selling so many we are having a hard time keeping up. We also got a conference call from Amazon practically begging us to offer them as FBA or fufilled by Amazon so that it can go in Amazon prime. We worked out the numbers and it would be in our best interest to do this, but so far we can't get far enough ahead to ship them to Amazon. Its a good problem to have!

I also sell many of my same crochet and knitting supplies on Amazon and they are doing very well. I do hate though that I have to mark things up to sell on Amazon (their fees are higher) It does make a huge difference in sales on Amazon depending on if you get the buy box. I always know when I have the buy box as sales triple. But the formula for winning the buy box is mysterious. Its a blend of who has the product, who is a Featured Merchant etc.

Still trying to figure out how to sell internationally on Amazon but for now we are only selling in the US.


  1. I think your mini jig is fabulous and reasonably priced. Kudos to you for coming up with a cool popular product. The other things that you sell are apparently supplies, not handmade crafts. And even the mini jig, while hand made and nifty and "crafted" , is a tool for other crafts people to use. So I'm not sure your success negates what the other people were saying.
    Good luck.

  2. I hear what you are saying but I guess my thing is you don't know unless you try! If I ever get enough time I am going to put some handmade scarves on there and see how they do. People tend to say the same thing about Ebay and we sold a ton of blankets, scarves and paracord bracelets on there. My daughter in law still sells handmade baby blankets on Ebay and is doing very well!


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