Sunday, December 15, 2013

Selling on Amazon Update

So I have been selling on for about 3 months now. Wow I am now kicking myself for not doing it sooner! But the learning curve to sell on Amazon is huge. Way bigger than Ebay. (I always consider Etsy the easiest)

I finally decided to put the shipping in my prices and do free shipping. Its really the only way to get shipping to come out correctly on Amazon. I will say I have never seen such a confusing way to do shipping as it is on Amazon. They really need to look at updating their shipping calculations.

The biggest thing I have found out is that you do not need to match any ones low price to sell there. I was really worried in the beginning because I would list something and see the lowest price (Amazon always shows you your competitors lowest price when you list) which is always ridiculously low. I thought no one would pay my price and I refused to lower them. I am in this to make a profit not give stuff away!

Well I am happy to report that I do sell there at good prices. Like Ebay, feedback is everything on Amazon. Once I started getting really good feedback people happily bought from me and paid the higher price. Looking at the low price competitors most have mediocre feedback.

And I am so happy to report that I started selling our mini parachute cord jig kits on there and yesterday the kit made it to number 34 in arts, crafts, jewelry making kits!!! I was ecstatic and doing a happy dance. But I will say we are exhausted. We have had to have our adult kids come help make jigs to keep up with demand. We have sold 110 jigs/jig kits in 6 days!

Our top selling parachute cord jig kit on Amazon
For now we are only doing domestic shipping as I haven't had time to figure out international shipping on Amazon yet. That is my New Years goal! Like I said figuring out shipping is not easy on Amazon but I will conquer it.

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