Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern to Make a Toddler Polar Bear Beanie

I made this beanie for a baby named Katelyn that is fighting a rare form of cancer. I wanted her to have a super soft hat since her head is very sensitive (since losing her hair) I made this hat from James C Brett Flutterby yarn. This is the SOFTEST feeling yarn I have ever worked with. And no I am not just saying that because I sell the yarn. You have to feel this yarn to believe it. It is a pricier yarn but a little bit goes a long way. The skeins are pretty big so you could make a ton of hats from one skein. I have also made baby blankets with it and my customers cannot believe the feel of this yarn.

Anyway here we go! Heres a not great picture. Its hard to photograph white ughh. I used a J crochet hook

Row 1: With white CH 3 and join to first chain. Chain 1. 9 HDC in ring. (crochet over tail and then pull tail to tighten after this round)

Row 2: Work 2 HDC into each st around, join, chain 1 (18 HDC)

Row 3: 2 HDC in first stitch, HDC in next, Repeat around, join, CH 1 (27 HDC)

Row 4: 2 HDC in first stitch, HDC in next 2, Repeat around, join, CH 1 (36 HDC)

Row 5: 2 HDC in first stitch, HDC in next 3, Repeat around, join, CH 1 (45 HDC)

Row 6: 2 HDC in first stitch, HDC in next 8, Repeat around, join, CH 1 (50 HDC)

Row 7 -11 or until length desired: HDC in each stitch around, join, CH 1 (50 HDC)

Row 12: SC in each stitch around. Join Do not cut continue on to first ear flap

Ear Flap 1

Chain 1. Make 8 HDC for a total of 9
Chain 1 HDC2tog in first 2 stitches: HDC next 5, HDC2tog for last 2 stitches
Chain 1 HDC2tog in first 2 stitches: HDC next 3, HDC2tog last two stitches
Chain 1 HDC2tog, HDC, HDC2tog. Cut string

Ear Flap 2

Fold hat in half to find the spot on the opposite side for 2nd ear flap

Repeat Ear Flap one

With Pink make one SC in each stitch around

Bear Ears

With pink chain 3 and join to make a circle. Chain one
6 SC in circle, do not join. Pull white thru last two loops of last SC to change color. Attach a stitch marker to first stitch and continue crocheting in a spiral
2 SC in each stitch
Sc in each stitch. Join with slip stitch, knot and cut. Be sure to leave a long string when you cut to attach ears to hat.

Sew ears to hat. I put mine on the 4th row down.

Attach 12" strings of white and pink and braid. Cut ends to even them up. I used 4 white strings and 2 pink.


  1. Hi Kay, I nominated you as an Etsy mentor. :) Let's hope others follow suit, you are truly an inspiration and a great help!

    1. Wow thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply but I had to change all my passwords due to a hacker so have not been able to log into my blog. This really made my day

  2. Hello I'm new to crocheting with a pattern and I'm lost on how you do hdc 8 to a total of 9? Please help

    1. Oh shoot that is an error. Let me get some yarn out and I will figure it out. Sorry about that!


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