Saturday, September 28, 2013

Update to my Google Hummingbird Post

Well yesterdays post sure got some people going judging by my emails. (I always wonder why they don't just comment here?)

Again I am not trying to make light of peoples concerns. But the Google Hummingbird update has nothing to do with your views and sales. Like most Google updates this one is to exclude Black Hat SEO, junk/spam websites and to enable Google to give people searching the best results especially when they type in a question. I am usually always in a hurry when I post so if I come off as cold, that is not my intent. I am just rushing as usual.

I found this article on Forbes that says the same thing I have been saying. If you always use good SEO and have good content; you are fine! And Google is now fessing up that this update was done several months ago not just one month ago. Remember they only ANNOUNCED it yesterday. Its been going for months.

Like I said in the comments, any time Etsy or Ebay make major site changes views and sales drop for about a week. I suspect that when they make major site changes; search engines have to re index them. But I am just guessing.

Aug 2013 was my biggest month EVER on Etsy. Sept has been slower. I suspect and hope for another big month in October. Now before someone says "she only sells supplies" thats not true. I sell handmade on all of my Etsy shops. Now for the figures above I am only using my Kay's Crochet shop for an example. And yes I sell handmade on that one. But I will say I sold out of most of my handmade at a craft show this month.

I am worried about the government shut down. This will for sure slow sales as it scares people and they stop spending money. If you have friends or family that work for the government you know what a big deal this is. 

To stay relevant you do need to be listing new items on Etsy or Ebay. It works way better than re newing. So if you see a slow down on views, think about making some new listings to get things going again.

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