Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking Pictures for Ebay and Etsy

I guess I should have titled this taking pictures to sell your crafts online. Anyway, I see a lot of really bad pictures out there. And people say they can't afford to get a great camera or a light box etc etc.

While my pictures are far from perfect they are pretty decent. And luckily I have a daughter that is amazing with photoshop. But I only send them to her to get the yellow off the background. Truly all I do is take a picture on a white piece of posterboard. For taller items I use those poster board display things made by Elmer glue that you get at Walmart for like 5.00 And then I have an all white background for under 10.00!!

I have a iphone 5 that has a better camera than my digital camera so that is what I have been using the last few weeks.

So here is picture number one before I sent it to my daughter. Not bad but I hate that yellow tinge in the background.

Here is the same picture after Katy took out that yellow tinge and brightened up the color. I washed the color out when I tried to take out the yellow in the background. See what a huge difference it makes!

Here is a scarf picture I took with the poster board for taller items

Another scarf picture. It has a little yellow but still not bad.

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