Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Selling Handmade/Crafts on Ebay Part Two

Just an fyi that my Ebay tips really work no matter what you sell on Ebay.

Ebay has made a ton of changes in the last 8 months and I think they are all for the better! Many people have not sold on Ebay in years so they don't realize how much has changed.

Do try to make Top Rated Seller. Its fairly easy to do as long as you upload tracking within 24 hours (and ship) and offer a refund policy. This TRS is invaluable. Not only do you get a 20 percent discount on your Ebay bill, you get higher placement in search, discounted shipping labels and the TRS logo on your Ebay name. I will tell you that others sell some of my same supplies/handmade lower than I do; but because I have the TRS logo many still prefer to buy from me. Its a big deal! And now they are doing a grace period for TRS's. If you have a bad week where you don't get all your tracking uploaded you get a grace period before they take away your TRS status.

Ebay now offers the 50 free listings every month. This is great for people that want to try it out. But I do believe having a basic store is the best way to go. Basic stores are around 12.00 per month and you get 150 free listings. And many months we get bonus free listings (this month it was 500 more) The bonus of a basic store is you get categories to divide up your inventory so you get a ton more SEO. Well worth the 12.00 in my opinion. Do check out the Ebay calculator that tells you if a basic store is right for you.

Also Ebay is now testing new store layouts that I have to say look just like Etsy. They are really nice looking so I hope they become available to all of us soon. 

Just like Etsy pictures are a huge deal on Ebay. And they are getting more picky about it by the day. Make sure you have excellent pictures. I hate taking pictures but its a necessary evil. Heres one I just took yesterday of our new parachute cord bracelet making jig. Took me about 50 pictures to get 2 good ones.

I never never sell handmade at auction price. I only sell it Buy it now. I never want anyone to think that my items are anything but high quality handmade items that deserve the price I list them at. Now if you have something you want to close out etc you can try auction listings. But I prefer buy it now. Also be sure to check the little box on your listing that says "require immediate payment" this will greatly reduce the amount of non paying buyers.

Do offer "free shipping" as these get higher placement in search. Just add the price into your  item (that is what everyone does) and check free shipping. Now this isn't always possible on heavy items but anywhere you can offer free shipping do it. It also gets you an automatic 5 stars on shipping.

So in a nutshell these items all get you higher placement in search

Top Rated Seller
Free Shipping
Basic Store

Be sure you put your items in the correct category! I see a lot of handmade that gets listed in the wrong category so pay attention to that too!


  1. Thanks for the great info. I can see that Ebay probably won't work for me then. I live rurally with no mail pickup and I can't drive an hour roundtrip to town every day to mail stuff (I go two-three times a week). Also, I have less than 50 listings in my Etsy shop, so a store on Ebay would be overkill for me.

  2. Zenobiah

    Send me your email addy and I will send you my ebook on Etsy SEO (selling on Etsy) for free! Email

    1. You already sent it to me and it helped GREATLY with my Etsy sales, so thanks again. But I see that Ebay is a whole different ball game. We are thinking of moving to town and if we do I will have to revisit this.

      Thanks for the great blog!


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