Monday, September 9, 2013

Selling Handmade on Ebay

Okay so everyone says handmade doesn't sell on Ebay. The secret it is does sell on Ebay. Ebay is so similar to selling on Etsy but I do admit the learning curve is bigger.

So just like Etsy (and probably even more important) is you have to have great SEO on your titles and descriptions. Just do the same as I have written here for Etsy listings. Ebay just updated its search (Cassini) and is going to keep updating all through the next year. So watch for updates but until then here are some tips.

Use every part of the information part of the listing that you can. These are so important on Ebay. This is the part that asks color, size, material, brand, country etc. Fill out as much as you possibly can. I have found that most handmade people completely skip that. Don't skip it!! Ebay search puts heavy weight on those lines of text.

Do not have spelling errors, text speak etc. Ebay will bury your listings if it knows you have numerous errors in your listing. My daughter in law is really bad about this. But she still manages to sell a ton of baby blankets on there.

If at all possible use the 1 business day to ship and upload tracking. With custom orders you cannot do this but this is a great way to get your listings to the top of search and to get top rated seller status. Always check the 100 percent guarantee. Don't be scared of that!! in almost 2 years I have only had it come into play twice. But it makes customers feel better and again it gets your listings higher in search. If you can click same day shipping and use Fast and Free becasuse again Ebay gives those listings preference.

Group things together. Lets say you sell soap. Make all different listings with different groups. Lets say one listing of 3 soaps, one listing of 6 soaps, one listing of a dozen. By the way this also works great on Etsy. People love to buy a group of items.

Okay this part is not meant to offend anyone but if you are a US seller put it in the listings!! Be proud. There are buyers on there that specifically look for Handmade in the USA. I often put it in the title and the description. Remember Ebay is a little less stuffy than Etsy so you can have some fun with your listings.

Ship internationally!! This opens a huge market for your items. Always check "ships worldwide" This is so easy on Ebay since they have a shipping calculator. Just put the weight in and let Ebay figure it out for you. However do NOT use Global Shipping. Buyers hate it! It charges buyers big fees so they tend to get pissed once they purchase and see the big shipping fees. Just ship yourself. I have sold way more international handmade on Ebay than Etsy. I do believe this is due to their shipping calculator. On Etsy I have to guess and guess high and I think that is a turn off to international buyers.

This is getting really long so I will do a part two in a couple days


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