Saturday, September 14, 2013

Best Selling Crafts Scarves Scarves Scarves

Scarves seem to be the new must have accessory which is great for crafters. My crochet scarves are now outselling my blankets. I love them as they take less time to make and you can get so creative with them. And it doesn't matter whether you knit, crochet, sew etc.

Another great thing about crafting scarves is they apply to almost all ages. From little girls to teens to adult women everyone is wearing scarves all year round.

Like any handcrafted item color plays a huge part. Black and white are always popular as are fall colors. For teens neon is huge. You also have to know your customer. Adult women tend to like chunky bulky scarves, teens and little girls like a more fine less bulky scarf.

If I had more time I would open an Etsy shop just for scarves. This way you could tailor your SEO to just scarves.

Heres one of my newest scarves I am making for Thornville Backwoods Fest (which is next week omg I will never be ready lol) I love this scarf as you can wear it so many different ways

 This cowl is made from reflective yarn so it lights up when hit by light or a flash

So theres my top selling craft tip for the day. Get busy and make something beautiful!!

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