Monday, August 12, 2013

The New Etsy Listing Format Ugh

So Etsy has released the new listing format and can I just say it sucks? Seriously how do they manage to make such big mistakes?

My main issue is that the shipping cost no longer shows when they view an item. Now the customer has to click on the shipping tab to see what shipping cost. Huge mistake. HUGE. My fear is most will not click on the shipping tab and will assume that is the total price.

The only real way around it is to put the shipping fee in your price and put free or 0 shipping. But that won't work for international sales.

Why Etsy would require more clicks to see a price is beyond me. I don't have a tech degree but common sense and experience selling online shows customers don't like to click more tabs. They are usually in a hurry and want their information quickly.

Since customers won't see the total with shipping until they check out, I suspect there will be way more abadoned shopping carts. Which is always a bad thing.

And as usual (whenever Etsy makes major site changes) views are way down on all of my shops. Thanks a lot Etsy!

Just another reason to sell more on Ebay. My Ebay sales are kicking butt right now! About triple what my Etsy sales are.

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