Saturday, August 17, 2013

Selling E Books or E Patterns on Fall Clean Up!

So you all know I am constantly advising you to publish your craft patterns on If you haven't done it yet, you should!! Remember the market that buys patterns is totally different from the market that buys finished craft items. The smart thing is to sell to both markets!

I have been selling my self published ebooks on Amazon for a couple years now. So today I was getting ready to publish two new crochet patterns and I took a good look at my ebooks that are currently for sale.

What I noticed is I have some clean up work to do. When I first published on Amazon Kindle, the cover requirements were very different than they are now. So looking at my author page I realized all of my covers are different sizes. Not good. The older ones are way too small.

Then I took a look at my e book descriptions and noticed there could be a lot of improvement. So I will spend the weekend tweaking all of my e book covers and descriptions before the busy fall season. I am also going to tweak my Amazon author page.

My newest Bernat Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern that I will be publishing this weekend!


  1. Hi Kay!
    I was just wondering if you will be writing an ebook about selling handmade on Ebay? If not, please do!

    I have tried selling my handmade soap on Ebay but I am not getting any views at all. I must be doing something obviously wrong, I just don't know what. What is the secret?

  2. Hi so good to see you!! I just did a post for you and will write more this week on it. IF you email me your ebay name I will take a look for you!


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