Monday, August 5, 2013

Our New Craft Business! Parachute Cord Supply

So I knew in advance that the hotter summer months would be slow for knit and crochet supplies and finished items.

I was brainstorming trying to figure out another niche craft business and viola - we settled on Parachute Cord Crafts. Hubby already had an interest in making parachute cord survival bracelets so we made and plan and went for it. We also loved that the parachute cord is 100 percent made in the USA!

He opened Parachute Cord Supply in late April and I can happily say business is great! Just like Kays Crochet we sell parachute cord supplies and finished items. This way we cater to both sides of the market.

As I suspected the parachute cord supplies have been a boon to get us through the hot summer months. The only issue we have had so far is that these supplies are so popular that it can be difficult to keep many of them in stock. Hubbys Army Wife bracelet with charm.

If you need any supplies or need a custom bracelet made check it out!

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