Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Etsy Changes for Feedback and Payment Methods

Etsy has made some major changes once again all at once. I always wonder why they do all of these major changes at once? The biggest error was obviously the test that excluded Paypal as a payment method. Thankfully they stopped that little experiment. However I do think eventually Etsy will drop Paypal as a payment method. But before they do I think they will have to actually get a working phone number.

The next change is the feedback system. I guess I must be in the minority that actually likes the new feedback. Months ago I stopped wasting my time giving buyer feedback. It was a huge time suck. I kept thinking to myself why am I spending time on this when buyer feedback can't be seen and doesn't even matter? So now I don't have to feel guilty for not doing it. The only worrisome thing to em about the new feedback is that shops that had medicore or poor feedback just got a bunch of it wiped clean. Since they only take the last 12 months this means some bad shops will actually get a boost in the ratings.

I think most don't like it because its stars and it reminds them of Ebay. Maybe Etsy should have used hearts? I will never understand the hatred of Ebay from Etsy sellers. Like I always say use both to your advantage. With the exception of the star symbol this feedback system is nothing like Ebays. Its much simpler and much better for sellers.

One thing we all know is that Etsy will constantly change things. We can't control Etsy, only our reactions. Take the changes in stride and find a way to use them to your own advantage!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Selling E Books or E Patterns on Amazon.com Fall Clean Up!

So you all know I am constantly advising you to publish your craft patterns on Amazon.com. If you haven't done it yet, you should!! Remember the market that buys patterns is totally different from the market that buys finished craft items. The smart thing is to sell to both markets!

I have been selling my self published ebooks on Amazon for a couple years now. So today I was getting ready to publish two new crochet patterns and I took a good look at my ebooks that are currently for sale.

What I noticed is I have some clean up work to do. When I first published on Amazon Kindle, the cover requirements were very different than they are now. So looking at my author page I realized all of my covers are different sizes. Not good. The older ones are way too small.

Then I took a look at my e book descriptions and noticed there could be a lot of improvement. So I will spend the weekend tweaking all of my e book covers and descriptions before the busy fall season. I am also going to tweak my Amazon author page.

My newest Bernat Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern that I will be publishing this weekend!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The New Etsy Listing Format Ugh

So Etsy has released the new listing format and can I just say it sucks? Seriously how do they manage to make such big mistakes?

My main issue is that the shipping cost no longer shows when they view an item. Now the customer has to click on the shipping tab to see what shipping cost. Huge mistake. HUGE. My fear is most will not click on the shipping tab and will assume that is the total price.

The only real way around it is to put the shipping fee in your price and put free or 0 shipping. But that won't work for international sales.

Why Etsy would require more clicks to see a price is beyond me. I don't have a tech degree but common sense and experience selling online shows customers don't like to click more tabs. They are usually in a hurry and want their information quickly.

Since customers won't see the total with shipping until they check out, I suspect there will be way more abadoned shopping carts. Which is always a bad thing.

And as usual (whenever Etsy makes major site changes) views are way down on all of my shops. Thanks a lot Etsy!

Just another reason to sell more on Ebay. My Ebay sales are kicking butt right now! About triple what my Etsy sales are.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Our New Craft Business! Parachute Cord Supply

So I knew in advance that the hotter summer months would be slow for knit and crochet supplies and finished items.

I was brainstorming trying to figure out another niche craft business and viola - we settled on Parachute Cord Crafts. Hubby already had an interest in making parachute cord survival bracelets so we made and plan and went for it. We also loved that the parachute cord is 100 percent made in the USA!

He opened Parachute Cord Supply in late April and I can happily say business is great! Just like Kays Crochet we sell parachute cord supplies and finished items. This way we cater to both sides of the market.

As I suspected the parachute cord supplies have been a boon to get us through the hot summer months. The only issue we have had so far is that these supplies are so popular that it can be difficult to keep many of them in stock. Hubbys Army Wife bracelet with charm.

If you need any supplies or need a custom bracelet made check it out!

Kay's Crochet Mystery Boxes/Bags Update

We have been getting a lot of questions on our Mystery boxes so here you go! First some have asked why we are now shipping in bags. USPS...