Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SEO on Etsy Really Does Make the Difference

So people are always asking me how I got so many sales on Etsy in such a short time. And I keep replying most of it is due to SEO. This is not what people want to hear. I keep giving people the magic bullet but they ignore it. Many say its because I sell supplies. Keep in mind I sell a lot of handmade on my Etsy shop with my supplies. Doesn't matter what you are selling on Etsy; if you have great SEO you will get views and sales. Now I am assuming you have great products and photos.

Case in point. Hubby and I just opened a new Etsy shop in April. Its called Parachute Cord Supply. Hubby sells paracord survival bracelets already made and sells supplies for people to make their own. Now there are a ton of parachute cord supply shops already on Etsy. So once again people told me we were nuts and would not be successful. Fast forward a couple months and lets look at how hubbys shop is doing. Opened April 30th. Today is July 3rd. So basically he has been open 2 months. He has 48 sales! In my humble opinion that is outstanding for a brand new Etsy shop. Especially when it was opened during the slower retail months.

I also helped my daughter in law open her own Etsy shop. She opened the end of March and has 65 sales. Many people wrongly tell people on the Etsy forums that new shops take forever to get sales. Not true. If you have good photos, good product and great SEO; a new shop should be getting orders within days of opening.

If you read back to my older blog posts on how to use SEO on Etsy you will find all this info for free. If you would rather just get the instant download ebook click here to buy it off my Etsy store
Its also available on and Barnes and Noble.

One thing I know for sure is there is room for everyone that is passionate to be successful on Etsy!

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