Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back from the 2013 TNNA Convention in Columbus Ohio

Just attended my very first TNNA convention in Columbus Ohio with my daughter Katy. We had a great time! But there were some not so great things too.

We found some great new yarns for our store but also unfortunately found a lot of bias against us for being an "online" shop. I was really dismayed that our name tags (that you have to wear to get in the convention) said "online/mail order store" Ughh. I have no idea why TNNA and some vendors do not like online stores! In the past I have had a couple vendors refuse to sell to us. Thats okay we are doing great without those vendors! Their loss.

We were really excited about attending the runway show on Friday only to find there were not near enough seats. There were close to 100 of us having to stand to watch the show. Unfortunately I was standing behind some very drunk rude people ughh. There was plenty of room to have more seating so to me this was a huge error on the part of the TNNA planners.

Saturday was the first day to see the sales floor so naturally everyone was excited to get in at 10 am. We walked in and as we went to the first booth (it was about 5 minutes till 10) the vendor yelled at us to get out of her booth as the show doesn't open till 10. Wow what a great way to welcome a buyer to your booth! Seriously if you don't have your booth ready at 5 minutes till opening; well you have bigger issues than us. Its a shame as it was a booth we were looking forward to, but once that happened we skipped it and put it on our "do not buy from" list.

We did end up meeting many fabulous vendors and had a great time despite the nasty ones. I will do a new post on the new yarns and products we have coming.

I will say though that this bad attitude to "online stores" is really short sighted on the part of TNNA and some vendors. I really feel that brick and mortar specialty crochet/knit shops will become a thing of the past. Sad? Yes! But in this economy I cannot see how they can continue to make a profit with the overhead of a brick and mortar store. More and more people are wanting to shop online.

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