Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back Again with the Summer Craft Slowdown

Yes I know its been forever again since I posted on my blog. I guess I am perplexed as this blog started out as an avenue to help my friends make money from home and not get scammed. And then as my life evolved so did this blog. It went from free lance writing jobs to crafts to crochet, with some SEO Etsy tips thrown in for good measure.

I keep wondering if I should just keep this blog exclusive to how to make money in crafts (Etsy, Ebay etc) or if its okay to mix all of what I do which is crochet patterns, free lance writing etc.

For now I am just going to keep it a mix of both because I just don't have time to make a new blog to move the crochet stuff too.

If any of you has questions please feel free to ask! That may give me a better idea of what to blog about.

Right now things have slowed down which is typical of summer months. I will say I had a banner month in April with sales of 8000.00 across all venues. I was pretty excited as that beat my Dec/Jan sales! Now that things are slow I am tweaking everything and I mean everything! I am looking at old Etsy listings and changing up some pictures and tags. I am pretty much doing the same thing on my website and my Ebay store. And I am planning what I will buy for fall inventory. You have to make good use of the slow June/July months so you can get prepared for fall holiday sales.

Speaking of Ebay...I read a thread on the Etsy forums this morning about how handmade doesn't sell on Ebay. And that Ebay customers just want cheap. I actually laughed out loud. My Ebay sales of handmade scarves and baby blankets are about quadruple what they are on Etsy right now. But shhhh don't tell anyone. Its better for me if everyone believes that myth and stays away from Ebay!

I also want to point out that Ebay has revamped their fee structure. Right now the best avenue is to open a basic store and get all the free listings. My only issue with the change in the structure is that things 50.00 and over actually cost a higher rate to sell. Yuck. But if you get your Top Rated Seller discount it still comes out to about 8 percent in fees.

One of my top selling scarves on Ebay.

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