Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Neon is in for 2013!!

Okay not to blow my own horn but I did predict on the Etsy forums last year that Neon was going to be big in 2013. And I was right! I went shopping the other day to just see what was going on for spring clothes and wow everything was neon. From American Eagle to JcPenny they are all showcasing neon clothes, accessories etc. I know most go by the Patone colors of the year but don't discount neon.

Having been a girl of the 80's I happen to love Neon.

I did find out the hard way that Hobby Lobby is out of all of their I Love This Yarn in Neon lights. Boy was I upset as one of my best selling redneck baby blankets uses neon orange (I call it hunter orange)

So I did some research and luckily for me Lion Brands Deborah Norville line of yarn has just come out with a whole line of worsted weight neon yarn. Woohoo! I will have this for sale in my Etsy shop as soon as it gets here (approx 02-15-13)

Red Heart is also coming out with a neon line yarn in March but it is bulky weight. I will also have this in my Etsy shop when it becomes available in March 2013.

For any of my blog readers that use yarn; if you preorder with me I give a discount! I can get just about any brand and color of yarn you may need.

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