Saturday, February 16, 2013

Etsy's New Trending Page

Much like the Etsy Browse pages the Etsy trending page has people upset. And just like the browse page I am going to say don't worry about it! Would it be nice to be on the trending page? Sure it would. But its not the end of the world if you are not on it. And frankly most of us will never get an item on the trending page.

The only thing that upsets me about the trending page is Etsy saying it is NOT curated and that is is picked by a computer. This simply cannot be true or else you would see a much different trending page. For example craft supplies are the single biggest selling item on Etsy. Yet there are no supplies on the trending page. Etsy says the computer program picks items based on favorites, sells, likes and treasuries. Well I have many supply items that have way more of all that then what is currently on the trending page. They have also said the program does not exclude one of a kind, supplies or vintage. Yet you won't see any of those on the trending page.

The other drawback to the trending page is it automatically makes whatever is trending; trend more. Hope that makes sense. This is why you see the same things on there day after day. But again none of us can control Etsy; we can only control our reactions. Just like I said that the browse page would not make a difference for the majority of us; neither will the trending page. Just keep listing, tweaking and applying SEO. That will get you way further than worrying about the trending page.

Here is my newest redneck baby camouflage blanket. I decided to put hunter orange fur on it for the redneck baby girls :)

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