Sunday, December 2, 2012

Etsy & Google Product Listing Ads

So sorry for the lack of recent posts. Thankfully sales have been going great for my Etsy store and website I hope others are also having some great sales numbers!

I am personally seeing great results from Etsy purchasing the Google Product Ads! I had estimated when they first announced this that it would have a huge impact and I do believe I was right.

I am averaging about 50 Google Product listing hits on my Etsy store per day. And the best thing is the conversion from views to sales for this is very high.

If you are not seeing the same thing in your Etsy shop chances are you are not showing up in the Google Product Listing Etsy ads. I went over this in an older post but will go over the main reasons why again here. If you are not getting a lot of views from Google Product listings you probably are violating the Google Shopping listing rules. In a nutshell here are the ones most people violate.

My new favorite skip stitch fleece blanket

Free shipping in the product title or description. I cannot believe how many people still make this mistake. If you do this Google shopping kicks your listing out. Customers are not stupid! If you have 0.00 in the shipping field they know that means free shipping. There are very few benefits to putting it in your title or description and the drawbacks are huge.

Keyword stuffing. You all know I am big on using your best keywords. But if your titles and/or descriptions look like a big keyword stuffed mess; then you are in violation. Also customers hate this and most say it looks spammy.

Using cutesy symbols in the description. Okay just stop with all the cutesy heart symbols! Stop!! Number one it just looks silly and childish and number two Google shopping will boot you out for it. Don't use any other symbols either. But I have to say I see more cutesy hearts than anything else.

Etsy has only agreed to pay for the ads until the end of December. I really hope they decide to extend this as it has been huge for our shop!

Wishing you all a great Christmas and lots of sales!

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