Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our New Yarn Tamer Yarn Buddy!

I cannot stand it trying to crochet and having my yarn fall on the floor or trying to constantly flip my yarn over while I crochet. I had looked at buying a "yarn buddy" or yarn lazy susan and could not believe the prices! Most of them I found were 55.00 to 60.00 each.

So........I asked hubby to come up with an affordable alternative. And he did it! Our yarn tamer is made from pine to be lightweight and functional. Made with a lazy susan base our yarn tamer will turn the yarn for your while you knit or crochet. Such a huge time saver for yarns that wrap from the outside. Our handmade yarn buddy can hold many different sizes of yarn and cotton threads. This will even hold yarn or thread cones. Our price is only $25.00 plus shipping. To order see my Etsy store or website

No more yarn rolling on the floor getting dirty or using those cheap plastic yarn jugs that scrape your yarn.

And this is 100 percent handmade in the USA!!

Watch for your double yarn tamer/buddies coming soon!

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