Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Etsy and the New Browse Feature

Etsy sellers are very upset about the new browse feature as you can see the multitude of posts regarding this.

I see so many sellers spending hours upon hours studying the browse pages and then re making their listings to get on one page of browse.

I personally think this is a huge mistake. Most customers are still using search to find what they want. Either Etsy search or Google (Yahoo & Bing) search. If you re do your listings specifically for browse they probably will not get picked up in search.

I agree that this was really lousy timing for Etsy to implement such a big change (right before the Holidays) but as I have posted many times; none of us can control Etsy. We can only control how we react.

My own views went down once browse started but my sales are still good and going up. So I am betting I am getting better quality of views.

I would suggest that sellers hang tight and only tweak their SEO. If you have good SEO to begin with, you should be fine. Etsy admin has said this many times.

Sellers time would be much better spent taking better pictures and using good SEO than changing listings to fit into browse.

I made a special section on my new crochet knitting forum just for Etsy sellers. If you need help with your SEO or just want to chat and vent come on by!

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