Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Gifts Coming Soon

Facebook has announced that "Facebook Gifts" is coming soon. Sounds like an exciting opportunity. Although their page does not give a lot of details, it looks like it will be something a long the lines of being able to purchase a gift and send it to your friend or family member right on Facebook. Then the friend you sent it to adds their address and can change the order (size, flavor, etc)

To sign your business up click here to go to the Facebook link.

You have to give them all of your info (phone, address etc) and verify that you can ship 100 plus items per day. They also ask you to upload photos of your items.

I did it as I figure what do I have to lose? Could be really fun and exciting to get in on the ground floor. But none of us has any idea of what they are looking for.

I would think they would get this up and going soon before the holidays. If done right I think it could be great. You could send a birthday gift over to a Facebook friend with just a click! How fun is that?

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