Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Purchasing Google Ads What Does It Mean?

I was very happy to see that Etsy is finally going to put some money into advertising via Google Shopping ads. This should be really good for all Etsy Sellers.

But I do know that so many have listings in violation of Google Shopping Rules. If you are one of them hurry and get your Etsy store cleaned up! Biggest offenders that will get you kicked out of Google Shopping are the following:

1. Do not put "free shipping" or anything about shipping in your titles or descriptions.

2. Do not use symbols or unnecessary punctuation in your titles

3. Do not put policy info in your product descriptions

4. Do not go crazy keyword stuffing titles

All of these will get your Etsy shop kicked out of Google Shopping. I have other blog posts on this but I feel with Etsy now spending 1 million dollars on Google Ads it is worth repeating!

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