Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Gifts Coming Soon

Facebook has announced that "Facebook Gifts" is coming soon. Sounds like an exciting opportunity. Although their page does not give a lot of details, it looks like it will be something a long the lines of being able to purchase a gift and send it to your friend or family member right on Facebook. Then the friend you sent it to adds their address and can change the order (size, flavor, etc)

To sign your business up click here to go to the Facebook link.

You have to give them all of your info (phone, address etc) and verify that you can ship 100 plus items per day. They also ask you to upload photos of your items.

I did it as I figure what do I have to lose? Could be really fun and exciting to get in on the ground floor. But none of us has any idea of what they are looking for.

I would think they would get this up and going soon before the holidays. If done right I think it could be great. You could send a birthday gift over to a Facebook friend with just a click! How fun is that?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Purchasing Google Ads What Does It Mean?

I was very happy to see that Etsy is finally going to put some money into advertising via Google Shopping ads. This should be really good for all Etsy Sellers.

But I do know that so many have listings in violation of Google Shopping Rules. If you are one of them hurry and get your Etsy store cleaned up! Biggest offenders that will get you kicked out of Google Shopping are the following:

1. Do not put "free shipping" or anything about shipping in your titles or descriptions.

2. Do not use symbols or unnecessary punctuation in your titles

3. Do not put policy info in your product descriptions

4. Do not go crazy keyword stuffing titles

All of these will get your Etsy shop kicked out of Google Shopping. I have other blog posts on this but I feel with Etsy now spending 1 million dollars on Google Ads it is worth repeating!

My newest little baby blanket the pink cheetah

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Newest Skip Stitch Blanket Pattern aka Giraffe Baby Blanket

This skip stitch crochet pattern was so fun to crochet! I love the giraffe animal print fleece. And this edge looks great for baby boys or girls. This is an old stitch my grandma taught me 20 years ago. I notice most do not make this stitch puff like I do but I love the puff to it especially for blankets. This blanket was made with the skip stitch blade that we sell on our website and Etsy store.

I sell both the crochet pattern or the finished blanket for people that don't want to make their own.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Newest Crochet Pattern - Shell Stitch Ear Warmer/Wrist Warmer

Yep its been a bit since I have blogged as life as been so hectic! First we attended Backwoods Fest here in Thornville Ohio as a vendor for the first time. Wow I still cannot believe the crowds and the amount of crochet items we sold in 3 days. By Sunday we were pretty much sold out. We will definitely be back next year with a lot more to sell!

Our booth at the Thornville Backwoods Fest shack

I have been despertly trying to catch up ever since the show. I had so many requests from other crocheter's to make a crochet pattern for my shell stitch ear warmer and I finally have it done. I also decided it had to have a matching wrist warmer aka texting glove pattern. Here's some pictures of the crochet shell stitch ear warmer and wrist warmer:

The matching wrist warmer/texting glove

You can purchase this pattern on my website or Etsy store!

I have lots more to blog about tomorrow!

Kay's Crochet Mystery Boxes/Bags Update

We have been getting a lot of questions on our Mystery boxes so here you go! First some have asked why we are now shipping in bags. USPS...