Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Increase Your Sales Ship International!

About a month ago an friend from Etsy said that I was crazy for not offering international/worldwide shipping on my items. I replied that it was too hard to ship internationally.

I mistakenly thought that you could only ship international by going to the post office and filling out custom forms. Which by the way my post office worker had no idea how to do. And I thought it was way too expensive.

That is when she told me that I could use Stamps.com (or other shipping sites) to easily and inexpensively ship first class international. I was just amazed! For lightweight packages that weight 13 oz or less you can ship most items for just a few bucks. And the really cool thing is stamps.com (or Ebay shipping) will print the customs form for you! Print, slap it on the envelope and your done.

Unfortunately this is not available on Paypal Shipping right now. I guess they used to have it and then took it down.

The only drawback is that tracking is pretty much not available so even though you get a tracking number it only tells you that it left and that it got there. Nothing in between.

We have doubled our sales since putting worldwide shipping on our Etsy store, Ebay listings and website.

I have to say its the best advice I have received ever!

My newest crocheted owl baby hat :)

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