Friday, August 31, 2012

Etsy and the Constant Changes and Tests

I have never in all my time with Etsy seen so many changes and experiments made in such a short time.

Many of them are obviously not well thought out. Which surprises me for such a large company with a huge pool of talent. There doesn't seem to be a rigid screening process for all the new ideas they are trying to implement. Its almost like Etsy is racing to see how many changes and experiments they can do in a short time frame.

Which has to be why the site has encountered so many outages lately. Crazy stuff.

What bothers me the most is sellers reactions. I see so many Etsy sellers just going nuts over the experiments and proposed changes.

Do not let the experiments and changes rule what you do.

What Etsy does is not in your control so let it go and do what you do. If I come across something that is out of my control I address it and then make a decision. I can either accept it and keep moving forward or I could close my Etsy store. For me the only correct decision for now is to keep my store and keep moving forward.

Do not let Etsy distract you from your true purpose which is to keep making beautiful things and selling them.

And again this is why I warn people to not only depend on Etsy to sell your items. Always use at least one other venue and promote your own website.

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