Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Changes Coming For Google Shopping

This fall Google shopping is going through some major changes. I have to wonder what the goal is?

Is it to be the top e-commerce site or the top search engine or both I guess?

I think all of us that sell online need to really pay attention to the changes.

Here is an article written by Google about the changes

Google Shopping Changes

They are running an incentive program if you sign up by Aug 15th which is right around the corner. I will definitely be doing this today.

I know some will just ignore it and hope that Etsy and Ebay are partners in it but I prefer to take things into my own hands.

They are also promoting the Google Trusted Stores badge. I think this too is going to be important going into the future. The only way to have this is to have your own stand a lone website.

Again everyone selling on the internet should have their own website!

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