Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cool Tools for Etsy Stores

Saw these tips on the Etsy forum and thought I would share them here.

This is a cool little Etsy fee calculator that will help you determine what to charge for your items. It will show you what you end up with after Etsy and Paypal fees etc. Love this!

For those that do a lot of shipping from home a couple websites have the Dymo Label machine on sale. I don't have one yet but I have read that they are great time savers. This one is on sale for $59.99 and they are normally 89.99.

Want to see who the top sellers on Etsy are? Craft Count shows the leading sellers in top categories.

Want to know if you were featured in a Etsy treasury or see who favorites your shop? Go to Craftopolis and put in your shop name.  Craft Cult also has some similar Etsy tools.

But by far the most valuable tool you should be using is Google Analytics! Etsy has made it really easy now to get this going on your Etsy shop. First make an account on Google Analytics and put in your Etsy shop address in the Google dashboard.  Copy your GA Web Property ID. Then go to your Etsy shop and go to "Shop Settings" then go to "Options" then go to "Web Analytics" Paste in your GA web property ID number. Be sure to hit SAVE. For more info go here.

Little self promotion :)

My newest zebra baby blankets! These can be purchased off my Etsy shop.

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  1. Yeah! i loved the Dymo Label machine on sale..thanks for the link and will contact you soon! Sample Statements


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