Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Etsy Wedding Registry - Insult to Injury

As if Baligate isn't enough we now have Etsy Weddinggate.

Etsy seriously has to hire some better people. Common sense would dictate that a company under fire would not implement huge changes that they know their sellers are not going to like such as the new "Wedding Registry"

I so agree that all those people that paid their listing fee and have wedding items should all be shown in the new Wedding Registry search results. Talk about a slap in the face!

I also agree with others as I can see this also starting a Baby Registry and so on.

I thought it was really offensive that the admins response was to pay for search ads to get seen on the wedding registry. Obviously the entire aim of the very small amount of wedding items showing is to get ad revenue up by forcing sellers to pay for search ads.

So what are we all getting for our listing fees? Makes you wonder.

Most smaller shops are like me. We try our best to take good pictures, use SEO etc. But I can hardly afford to hire a professional photographer to take my pictures.

I am truly starting to feel that Etsy really is becoming a website resellers and shops that are already booming and can afford the pro pics and have a staff to list. Or a collective. Whatever you want to call it.

For my shops its just me. Head jam maker, crochet pattern makers, SEO writer, listing agent, customer service rep and shipping dept. I feel the majority of shops are the same. I think Etsy is pretty much done with us.

Im just glad I haven't been around as many years as all those original shops that drove that traffic to Etsy and made it what is is (was?) I have always said I will not ever promote Etsy or flag shops. Why would I do Etsy's work for them for free? And flagging doesn't work anyway so why bother and waste your time?

Sorry for the vent. Like many I am frustrated and wishing I had about 10,000 to open a new site that really is about handmade and artistry.

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