Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why You Still Need to Attend Craft Shows

I read a lot that about crafters that stopped attending craft shows and went to only selling online. This can work but I still think it is in a crafters best interest to attend the better more popular craft shows.

Many of these crafters are complaining about slow online sales. They only worry about promoting online. I really think it takes both. Real world promoting (especially in your community) and online promoting.

I know for my jam company my profit are much higher at craft shows verses online sales. This is due mostly to shipping costs that vary greatly from state to state.

This will be the first year that I sell my crocheted edge fleece blankets so we will see how that goes. But I suspect they will sell much quicker because people can feel them and see the vibrant colors in person.

Selling at craft shows always helps my online sales. What usually happens is people buy from me and take my card. A friend comes to their house and tastes our jam and naturally wants some :) I know every time we attend a craft show our phone and online sales go through the roof for weeks after. I got a 100.00 order from a person in Florida that tasted our jam at her friends house in Ohio.

We also donate jam gift baskets to local charities and fundraisers. Its a win win situation as it helps out the charity and helps get our name out in the local community. Never underestimate local customers!

Do be picky about what shows you attend. Try to only pick the higher end truly handmade shows. Ask other crafters in your community what shows are the best.

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