Monday, April 9, 2012

Tips for New Etsy Sellers

I read a lot of threads on the Etsy forum from new sellers wondering why they are not selling much of their crafts. Here are some of my best tips!

List list list!! If you only list 5 or 6 items chances are people will not stay on your page long. The more you can list the better. A full store just looks more professional and inviting.

Only post quality pictures. Yes its a pain but this is your number one way of getting the sale. If your picture is dark, blurry or has too much in the background, people will click off. Try to take your pictures outside in natural daylight. Don't have too much clutter or use busy backgrounds. The focus should be your item.

Learn SEO!! It really isn't that hard. Yes I sell a book on Etsy Seo :) but even if you don't want to buy the book just do some google searches and learn to optimize your store using keywords. Click here for one of my past posts on Etsy Seo. Click here for My post on Etsy Keywords and tags.

Write good Etsy product descriptions. I have many posts on this subject of descriptions. If you haven't read them yet please do!

Be patient. Many new sellers think they will get immediate sales as soon as they open their store. This rarely happens. Be patient, keep marketing and promoting and keep listing new items.

Check out your competition. I am in no way saying to copy them. But you do need to be aware of what your competition is charging for their items, shipping etc.

Sell quality items. Bottom line is no amount of SEO or great pictures will get your products sold if they are not quaity items that there is a market for.

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