Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skip Stitch Blades Now in Stock!

I now have my order of Skip Stitch Blades to make crocheted edge fleece or flannel blankets.

These blankets are so fun and easy to make. I like instant gratification and I can make one of these in just one evening. We donate the baby blankets to charity but here is one I just finished for our friend Ryan. Ryan is very tall so this blanket is huge! He loves all things cammo.

The skip stitch blade for fleece is $14.50 and includes email PDF instructions with color pictures. I will mail them out the same day payment is made via Paypal. I know I hate to wait for something. You can use the paypal button below to purchase.

Or you can order the skip stitch blades on my Etsy Store

I will also be publishing all the patterns for the ones I have made. We will use the money to buy material to make more blankets for charity.

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