Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Reseller Issues

So here we go again. Yet another reseller featured on the Etsy front page.

Are people really surprised? I'm not. Just another day in Etsy paradise.

People need to stop putting emotion into Etsy. Etsy is not a person or a lover. Etsy is a company. A company that wants to make money. Period. End of story. Etsy could care less about their "community"

I keep telling people - use Etsy just like they use you. Use them for traffic and sales but always have a backup and always tell your customers YOUR web address. Etsy has shut down a lot of small shops again the past few weeks. This is why you must have your own website or backup plan!

It pisses me off too especially when my product description listings were taken down. But I won't cut my nose off to spite my face. I will continue to use Etsy for my own selfish needs (just like they use me)  and I will continue to direct my customers to my website.

Shamelss self promotion of my newest skip stitch blanket design :)

Many think thecraftstar might be the answer. I am not as positive on that. While I love their Facebook page, it worries me that they are having so many issues launching their website. That tells me they need to hire a new webmaster or they just are not ready. I totally support what they are doing and hope they are a success, but I will wait and see.

Bottom line stop expending your energy on what Etsy is or is not doing. Stop worrying about resellers. Spend your time and energy making your craft and promoting yourself! You will never change Etsy. Never.


  1. Sigh. You are so right. I need to update my website.

  2. Wow it is really getting heated on the Etsy forums. Crazy stuff. Never put all your eggs in one basket! I have to admit it still burns me to see that feature and know that I had to take listings down. Grrr


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