Thursday, April 26, 2012

Etsy Protest/Strike - Will You Close for One Day?

A few days ago I wondered if there would be an Etsy Strike/Protest to the recent reseller controversy. Today I saw it on Facebook. They are asking all stores to close for one day on May 1st (edited to add the new date is May 10th) in protest to the resellers and new direction Etsy is taking.

I think for this to work at all they have to get a HUGE number of stores to actually close (or put their store on vacation mode) Will enough shops do it? I'm not so sure?

This may be a way to get Etsy to reply to all the questions. Or they may deactivate all the shops that go on vacation mode on that day. Its a gamble for sure.

For me I will have to think it over some more. If I think it could really bring about a change I would be open to it. If not its a waste of time and could get your banned from Etsy.

Then again sales have come to a screeching halt ever since this happened. So it may not matter if we all get shut down?

Would love to hear from other Etsy members on what they think of this protest in the comments.

Edited to add protest strike links


Etsy shop protester page

Web page with details


  1. where are you getting this info from?

  2. Its on several pages on Facebook and Twitter and now several have posted about it on the Etsy forums. The Etsy forum posts are being deleted. The Regretsy page on Facebook was asking stores to go in vacation mode May 1st. But several Etsy forums posts asked people to put there shops on vacation mode from now until May 1st. I don't think that many days is doable for most people.

  3. Wow, I didn't even know this was in the works! Where on Facebook and Twitter?

  4. I added some of the links to the post. On Twitter its: #StrikeAgainstEtsy!

    On Facebook look at the Regretsy Facebook page.

  5. The protest is on May 10th, not May 1st.

  6. Judy originally all the Facebook and Twitter posts said May 1. There is a lot of confusion over the date. I will edit the post to add May 10th


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