Friday, April 27, 2012

Etsy CEO Addresses Baligate - Or Not

Chad Dickerson the CEO of Etsy finally made a blog post/statement of Baligate on Etsy.

Or did he? Well not really. Its a very long post that basically says due to privacy concerns they cannot give anyone more info on how they determined that Ecologica is not a reseller.

Then he went on to bash the Etsy community and tell us that this won't be tolerated. Reading it feels like a parent putting you in time out.  I just saved you 15 minutes of your life reading nonsense. But if you really want to read the whole thing click this.

It is interesting to me that Chad worked for Yahoo for years. Many of you know I have been a content writer for Yahoo for years. Yeah they don't treat their freelance writers very well either. The stories I could tell.

Chad really needs to hire better PR and better blog writers. His post is probably just going to rile up people more.

And there is yet another protest page (click here) The problem with all these Etsy protests is a huge lack of communication and organization. There are now too many with too many different dates. As I posted before to be effective at all it has to be on one date, with a huge amount of sellers. Too bad all these protest sites cant get together and pick one date.

The only good that would come out of an Etsy black out day is that it would probably get national media attention. But it won't if everyone is on a different page.

Like I said in my Etsy forum post, why Etsy would save one store and sacrifice so many other stores is beyond me. All they had to do was apologize for their mistake and delete the offending store. Pretty easy. They don't seem to have any issue deleting stores that aren't even resellers or demanding you take down listings for legitimate items.


  1. I wouldn't think it likely that Etsy will close down stores which are put in vacation mode on protest days:

    1) I think it would be legally unsound. For a start, would they have to refund all those sellers' listing fees? After all, what would they be booted for? There's nothing in the TOS that says it's forbidden to put your store in vacation mode.

    2) It would be a PR disaster! The national newspapers would be on to such an OTT action in a flash!

    3) What about the people who didn't kmow about the protest and were actually on vacation? Etsy would have no way of distinguishing them.

    I think Etsy will probably approach the protests with their usual tactic of pretending it's not happening :P

  2. Excellent points Louise. I do think like you said it would be difficult to tell which ones are protesting - except for the stores that are putting protest messages on their store announcement.

    I think you could be right too that they will just ignore it. Hopefully it would get national media attention and then they will have to address it.

    Also don't forget they can shut your store down for no reason at all and not refund any fees. I didn't get refunds on my listings they made me take down :(


    Fees and Termination: If Etsy terminates a listing or your account, if you close your account, or if the payment of your Etsy fees cannot be completed for any reason, you remain obligated to pay Etsy for all unpaid fees plus any penalties, if applicable. If the seller's account is not paid in full and becomes past due, the seller risks penalties such as the suspension of privileges and/or termination of the account and other collection mechanisms (including retaining collection agencies and legal counsel). If you have a question or wish to dispute a charge, contact Etsy.


    Without limiting any other remedies, Etsy may, without notice, and without refunding any fees, delay or immediately remove Content, warn Etsy's community of a user's actions, issue a warning to a user, temporarily suspend a user, temporarily or indefinitely suspend a user's account privileges, terminate a user's account, prohibit access to the Site, and take technical and legal steps to keep a user off the Site and refuse to provide services to a user if any of the following apply:

    Etsy suspects (by information, investigation, conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, or otherwise) a user has breached this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, The DOs & DON'Ts of Etsy, or other policy documents and community guidelines incorporated herein; Etsy is unable to verify or authenticate any of your personal information or Content; or Etsy believes that a user is acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of Etsy's policies, has engaged in improper or fraudulent activity in connection with Etsy or the actions may cause legal liability or financial loss to Etsy's users or to Etsy.

  3. Y'all make it sound like Etsy follows their own rule. NOT. If that were the case, the Bali furniture importer's shop would have been shut down. Just saying....

  4. I agree Fine they don't follow them at all. I was just showing the Terms Etsy makes us all agree to. Like I said when they made me take my product description listings down they did not refund my listing fees. But the terms say they don't have to and they can shut down any store with or without a reason :(


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