Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dreaded Email From Etsy Integrity Team

I got one of those dreaded emails from the Etsy Integrity Team.

Apparently I can no longer sell product descriptions for Etsy sellers as Etsy has deemed it "not a tangible item"

I always send a word file of people's descriptions but Etsy still said no. I have removed them from my Etsy SEO shop.

I think what irritates me the most is that there is so much on Etsy that really should be banned and/or taken down. So many resellers, ripoffs etc, yet I am the one they go after.


  1. Hi Kay
    Eeek. I have a friend that sells on etsy and also got an email that she could not call her jewelry vintage. She creates jewelry using vintage beads,earrings etc. Go figure!

  2. Its a little upsetting for sure. We can't seem to get resellers off there but they go after the legitimate sellers. I feel bad for your friend. I just like to help people with their SEO. Usually once I write a couple for someone they learn how to write their own.


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